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DAP Dynagrip Construction Adhesive WW Henry 356-040 Flooring Adhesive Mintcraft 21612 Construction Adhesive
DAP Construction Adhesive, Multi-Purpose, Series: Dynagrip, 28 oz Capacity, Tub Packing, 31.4 g/l VOC, 7 - 12 pH, Paste, White, 30.5 ft Linear Coverage, Slight Odor/Scent, >200 deg F Flash Point, Media: Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Foam and Water Fog, Composition: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesite and Urea, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.55 Specific Gravity Henry Carpet and Sheet Adhesive, Series: 356C MultiPro, Multi-Purpose, 1 gal Capacity, Container Packing, 1.7 g/l VOC, 8.5 - 9.5 pH, Paste, Pale Yellow, 90 - 275 sq-ft Coverage, 24 hr Setting, Mild Odor/Scent, >300 deg F Flash Point, Media: Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical Powder, Alcohol Foam or Water Spray, Composition: Kaolin, Rosin, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.07 Specific Gravity, Applicable Materials: Wood, Concrete, Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo and Marble, Application Method: Trowel, 3000 psi Compressive Strength, Resists: Moisture and Alkali, Standards: Canadian Environmental Protection Act, For Commercial Applications Mintcraft Subfloor Adhesive, High-Strength, 28 oz Capacity, Cartridge, 27 g/l VOC, 6.5 - 8.5 pH, Liquid/Paste, Off-White, Characteristic Odor/Scent, >200 Deg F Flash Point, Composition: Oxydipropyl Dibenzoate, Glycerol, Ethanediol, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.22 Specific Gravity, Applicable Materials: Wet and Frozen Lumber, Resists: Water, Standards: APA AFG-01, ASTM D3498, For Interior and Exterior Applications